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After working all day and staring at the computer, do you ever feel that your eyes are strained. Many of us are spending an average of 6-7 hours in front of computer during work, which leads us to the tired eyes, blurry vision and heaviness in the head. Millions of us today suffer from fatigued and overworked eyes because of using computers for work, school and entertainment.
But no worries now because here, in this article, we will go over some exercises which will help you relieve work-related eye strain leading to better vision and good productivity during work. So, let’s get started:

  1. Blinking: Blinking is a simple and effective way to keep your eyes lubricated and focus longer. Lack of blinking is one of the contributing factors towards computer-induced eyestrain. Blinking exercises essentially cleanse and nourish your eyes, which in turn eases the strain on your vision.


  1. Rolling of eyes: Eye Rolling is the best exercise to relax the eye muscles. Take a minute, close your eyes and roll the eyes in circular motion accompanied with deep breathing. This helps to lubricate your eyes and eases the strain on the muscles.


  1. Give break to your eyes: If you feel that your eyes are strained, then try looking at the tip of your nose and then the object at about arm’s length and again at the tip of the nose. Repeat this exercise 10 times to give your eyes a break and increase your focus.


  1. Palming: First sit in a comfortable position. Then warm up your hands by rubbing your palms against each other. Now, take your hands and press them over your closed eyes. Do not concentrate on eyes and breathe deeply. This exercise will provide deep relaxation to your eyes.


  1. Glancing: This exercise can relax eye muscles from all directions. Start with closing the eyes and glance up as far as comfortably possible. Hold for a moment, then look down. Repeat this a few times and then open your eyes and look around. Repeat this step now by looking left and right.
  2. Take a 5-minute break: Get up from the chair, have a cookie or a glass of water. Stretch a little. Just get away from the computer. It will not only give your eyes a refreshing break but also give your body and mind a break.

By doing these exercises, you will not only rejuvenate the eyes but also you will increase your productivity, eliminate headaches and work errors.

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