Health Newsletter

Coffee is a social drink. Some drink it as an energy booster, others just enjoy savouring its taste. Coffee is prepared from roasted coffee beans which provide the small amount of minerals and vitamins. It is the powerhouse of Antioxidants. Coffee is becoming more popular each passing day because of its nutritional value. It should be taken in a moderate amount in order to attain health benefits such as:
1. Boosts Energy: Coffee improves cognitive function and fosters energy level and brain activity. One stays active because there is a rapid increase in adrenaline level. It facilitates a feel-good mood and acts as the stress buster. An average man daily caffeine intake should not exceed 300mg- that’s about one cup of coffee a day so it is advisable to not drink it too much.
2. Helps you lose weight: It boosts energy during the workout. Having a cup of black coffee one hour prior to your gym session can help you give your 100% during a workout. It helps to break down body fat. It is also called fat burning beverage. It helps to clean your stomach, thus improving metabolism. One should not load it with sugar and cream and drink it in a right amount prior to a workout session in morning. Adverse effects are much more likely for those gulping down many cups of coffee every day.
3. Decrease the risk of certain diseases: It helps you fight depression. Coffee contains polyphenols -Antioxidants that help fight diseases such as cancer. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Coffee is the powerhouse of antioxidants, nutrients and minerals. It provides a protective shield against Alzheimer and Parkinson. It prevents Liver cancer, hepatitis etc. Although excessive intake might cause severe disease but maintaining an optimum level of intake can prevent the chances of having a series of disease.
4. Controls Diabetes: Coffee has diabetes-fighting properties as it is loaded with antioxidants and magnesium. It majorly reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes cause memory loss and cognitive decline whereas coffee improve cognitive function as it is a psychoactive stimulant and it increases insulin production. Be cautious about how much coffee you drink and that too without sugar.
5. Helps you stay focused: With high energy level and concentration resulting in the great level of alertness, coffee has become one of the most consumed beverages. It ramps up your productivity at work and makes you smart. One can gain more ability to focus and enhance memory by having 200-300mg coffee a day. Do not over-drink it since it is addictive. Coffee can be a healer only if consumed in a right manner and the right amount.