Health Newsletter

India is a land of spices and when we think of a spicy food, one word that comes to our mind is – red hot chilli! Known for their hot flavor, chillies are primarily used as spice under various dishes and for other culinary purpose. It contains bioactive plant compound called capsaicin, which gives chilli its hot and spicy kick. Capsaicin is found mostly in seeds and veins of chilli, and more the capsaicin, more spicy it is.
Whether you like slight heat or an intense blast of spice, chillies don’t only offer the culinary value, but it also offer numerous health benefits. In this article, we are going to discuss some of its health advantages.

1.Improves immune system:
Chillies contain higher amount of vitamin A and C which makes it a powerful immunity booster. Vitamin A protects the mucosa tissue such as respiratory tract, urinary tract and intestinal tract, which is primary defence organ of body against outside germs. Chilli also contain higher amount of vitamin C which helps to form and maintain cardiovascular tissue, ensuring good blood circulation.

2.Boosts metabolism:
Capsaicin is an alkaloid compound majorly found in chillies. When you eat chilli, your body temperature increases causing the process of thermogenesis. This requires increased work from your metabolism. Actually, eating chillies may increase your metabolic rate hence causing your body to burn more calories.

3.Reduces inflammation:
The phytochemical constituents of capsicum possess anti-inflammatory properties, actually inhibiting the action of certain peptides in the body that cause irritation and swelling. Pain such as headaches, sinus pressure, arthritis and muscle and joint aches, are usually caused by inflammatory responses that body produces in an attempt to eradicate an irritant. It also reduces peripheral neurogenic pain related to Crohn’s disease.

4.Improves heart health:
Studies shows that flavonoids are beneficial against coronary heart diseases. Chilli pepper are warming and vasodilative, which improves hypo-tension and reduces heart rate. It also allows improved blood flow resulting in better oxygenation of organ tissues.

5.Fight against diabetes:
Studies have shown that chilli peppers are highly beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. It reduces the amount of insulin required to digest food, causing lowered overall level of blood sugar. The lower insulin requirements also help to reduce the strain on the liver, leading to a more fully functional enzyme cascade within the digestive system. Diabetics who consume food containing chilli powder has seen gradual improvement in their health.
So now as you know what chillies can do to your health apart from adding taste to your food, it’s time to spice up the life little bit with health!