Workmen Compensation

1. Provide/maintain

(a)safe working environment to the workers, in terms of plant and systems of work, use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances

(b) information, instruction, training and supervision as are necessary to ensure the health and safety of all workers at work.

(c) accurate and up-to-date health records or, as the case may be, medical records, of the workers in the factory

(d) welfare facilities like Lunch rooms, Canteen, Crèche, washing facilities, first-aid appliances etc. to all workers and to appoint a welfare officer.

2. Prepare written statements declaring general policy of health and safety in work place and also provide information regarding arrangements made for the implementation of such policy.

3. Appoint safety officers in factory. Factory here incudes only those where (i) one thousand or more workers are ordinarily employed, or (ii) Where, in the opinion of the State Government, any manufacturing process or operation is carried on, which involves any risk of bodily injury, poisoning or disease, or any other hazard to health, to the persons employed in the factory.

4. Take adequate measures to be ready to combat any emergency, like drawing up on-site emergency plan and detailed disaster control measures for his factory.

5. Clearly make workers and people living in the vicinity of the factory know about the measures to be taken in case of an accident.

6. Set up a Safety Committee consisting of equal number of representatives of workers and management to promote co-operation between the workers and the management in maintaining proper safety and health at work and to review periodically the measures taken in that behalf.

7. Take immediate remedial action if it is known to the owner that any imminent danger exists and send a report of the action taken to the nearest inspector.

8. Undertake safety and occupational health surveys and bring adequate changes as per the result.

9. Appoint qualified and experienced people to handle hazardous substances.

10. Pay compensation to the worker in case of any injury (given under workmen’s compensation act) suffered by the workmen.