Standard Exclusions Applicable

Administering euthanasia/abetting suicide
Criminal abortions with illegal methods/techniques
Misbehaviour- unethical acts with patients
Deliberate malpractices like false certificates, falsification of clinical records, Except the allegations there too
Collusion or direct involvement in cold-blooded murder
Divorce suits as co-defandants
Staff problems/labor disputes(employer-employee relationship)
Administration of spurious/prohibited drugs
Illegal dealings in narcotics and other drugs declared as contraband but the appropriate authority from time to time
Trade and dealings in live organs for transplant
Illegal stocking or dispensing, prescription of prohibited drugs, unauthorized/illegal experimentation and procedures
Practice without valid registration/certificate
Contravention of Govt. Acts, Corporation/Municipal regulations in matters of practice, running establishments,
licensing, display of boards, food facilities to patients
Unethical and/or illegal practice in fertility and impotence, etc.
Cosmetics surgery done for/in collusion with criminals
Falsification/substitution of death certificates cause of death/change of cadavers
Collusion in substitution of babies