5 Risky Medical procedures and how the smart doctor covers for them

Becoming a medical practitioner is a matter of great pride and honour. It is because it involves the noble job of providing medical care to treat and cure another life. As a doctor, you diagnose the patient’s ailment and then based on that, carry out the treatment process. While in the case of minor ailments, you cure the patient mainly by giving medicines or doing a small surgery, but in the case of significant diseases, you carry out complicated and risky operations.

Right from diagnosis to the end of the treatment, you as a doctor take many steps to cure the patient. However, if something happens to the patient during this time, and their family claims compensation from you or you are charged with a penalty, then you will be faced with a substantial financial liability. Keeping this risk in mind, insurers offer medical indemnity cover to safeguard you against such situations.

There are several risky surgeries that are included under the medical professional indemnity cover that also offers doctors misdiagnosis cover. Some of these procedures are as follows:

  • Transplant Surgery

Given the rate of organ damage nowadays, transplant surgeries have become very common. Involving the replacement of the original organ in the body with the donor’s organ, it leads to a lot of blood loss and carries a high risk of complications arising during or after the transplant. 

  • Bypass Grafting

Due to increasing incident of heart attacks, and arterial congestion, bypass surgery that runs for long hours to improve blood flow, involves many complications and even risk of loss of life. 

  • Brain Surgery 

Also called Craniectomy, this surgery presents even more risks as it requires that a piece of the patient’s skull is removed to access the brain is not replaced after the operation is complete. Even after surgery, the risk of brain damage remains in the form of excessive fluid build-up in the brain, seizures, spinal fluid leakage, stroke, swelling of the brain, and other such serious risks.

  • Spinal Osteomyelitis Surgery

Spinal osteomyelitis surgery that corrects a spinal infection is another complicated surgery as Infections of the spine are extremely destructive, and thus comes with a lot of risks. If surgery goes wrong, the patient may even suffer from complete or partial paralysis or other serious infections.

  • Dental Surgery

Dental surgeries are also highly complicated and can cause significant pain and suffering to the patient in case something goes wrong. All the procedures like root canal surgery and apicoectomy, and several other kinds too, involve the risk of causing damage not just to the oral system, but also to internal organs by way of saliva. 

These are only some of the risky surgeries we have mentioned here, when, in fact, there are many more medical procedures that expose you to considerable risk. So, that is why smart doctors cover can be of great use to you as a doctor.

How will Doctor’s Indemnity Cover Help You? 

The coverage provided by this doctor’s misdiagnosis cover or doctor’s professional indemnity cover depends on policy features which are often different from plan to plan. However, generally, the coverage includes the following-

  • The extent of damage or financial loss that you cause to the patient that is not a result of wilful neglect
  • Insurance as extended to other employees (qualified and unqualified)
  • Any error or omission that you make unintentionally
  • Legal Costs of fighting the court case 

The doctors smart cover will pay you the sum assured up to a set limit for different incidents. You only bear the excess amount in case of a claim. That is why you should buy a smart doctor misdiagnosis plan based on essential factors like the risk involved and the probability of occurrence of different events, which can cause such challenges. 

Buy Smart Doctor Cover Today Itself

In diligently serving and taking care of your patients, you should not forget to secure yourself. Purchase smart doctor’s indemnity insurance cover for yourself and secure yourself against any claim that the patient’s family or the patient himself makes against you concerning unintentional negligence or error.

Such a cover will have your back and save you from significant financial losses. We at SecureNow provide professional indemnity insurance cover that comes with retroactive date benefit and universal acceptance. Moreover, you can also receive legal support to defend yourself in court, under some plans.

So, take doctor’s indemnity cover to stay secure against the occupational risks you can face in your medical profession.

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